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Gary Dromsky, Broker Associate, Realtor, ABR, GRI
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Since I realize that people like to do business with people that they like, trust and feel are competent, I'd like to introduce you to how I ended up on the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida...

I'm a Northeasterner by birth having grown up about 25 miles Northwest of Philadelphia (The City of Brotherly Love and the Eagles.) We lived in a small town (actually a Village) and had the opportunity to roam hundreds of acres of farmland and woods with not very many people in sight! It was hard to believe we were less than 1 hour from one of the major cities in the US and a hop, skip, and a jump from the Mainline and its fabulous estates built by some of the country's most historic and wealthy figures.

My father was an avid sportsman and at a very young age introduced me to the game of golf. A life long love affair was born! I played every chance I could. For my birthday one year I received a one year Junior membership with unlimited play to the local public course for the grand sum of $85.00. My how times have changed! The course owner actually tried to renege claiming that I was taking unfair advantage of the low rate. My Dad calmly explained that he had paid the man per his desired fee schedule and that it was now time to meet his own comittment.  I learned early on to exceed my own obligations and expect and require others to at least meet theirs. That has been my approach to business to this day.

During summer break from college in the Northeast one year I worked at Yellowstone National Park enjoying backpacking and mountain climbing. I know I had a job also but don't recall much other than that it paid for more equipment and a camera. After the season ended, we traveled around the West for about 3-4 weeks and ended up in Phoenix with the intention of visiting a friend and then returning for the next school year. Well, I never knew that places existed that were actually temperate throughout the year. To make a long story short I finished up my degree in Business at Arizona State University while trying to fit in as much golf as possible. Upon graduation, I landed a postion in the Purchasing Department with NCR-San Diego.

Now I really had the opportunity to live in Paradise. What a city! It was still relatively small in 1984 when I got there and the golf was not only spectacular, but it was cheap. We played Torrey Pines every weekend for $8.50! Unheard of! During this period of time I had the opportunity to meet a co-worker who was a real-estate investor and my second love was born. I learned the value of passive income, increasing equity and capital appreciation.

During the following years we bought investment property together in LaJolla with the intention of renovating them and reselling for a profit. Well, of course the market immediately went into the tank! The neat thing was that we could always lease the property out and still hold onto it and increase our equity though paying down the note. All was not lost!

This was in the late 1980's. In the meantime my parents had started a family business named Sportmen's Closet. Dad was the driving force and star salesman and Mom made sure that the books were accurate and that the product actually went out the door. The business was a wholesale distributorship of flyfishing books and videos. 

One day they asked me if I would consider relocating back to Philly to join the business as they needed help and wanted to retire in a few years. I said yes, left paradise behind and joined the business. I kept my ownership in the California Real Estate and relearned the unsung joys of a less than temperate climate. Fortunately within a few years we were the largest and most profitable business of our kind in the country! Business was great and I had time to enjoy the fabulous golf courses of the Philadelphia vicinity.

Unfortunately, one fateful evening we lost the entire business and inventory due to an electrical fire. We elected not to restart for numerous reasons and I was left wondering what to do with my life.

I decided to sell real estate. I wasn't good enough to make much of a living on the golf course so I went with great love number 2.

I joined Keller Williams Realty and through my enthusiasm and years of business experience got off to a good start. I loved it and things were going very well. However, my wife and I discussed our retirement and both agreed that we needed to make a goal of buying a home close to the ocean where the climate was warm. We also decided to do it now while we were both young enough to enjoy it. Since both of our professions were portable (she is an RN) we made a whirlwind trip researching  the country for cities that met our goals and picked the Sarasota / Bradenton area.

And here we are! A great climate, world famous white-sand beaches and a friendly growing area featuring a fabulous lifestyle and lots of great golf courses.

So what happened to the San Diego investment properties? We threw the houses in the dumpster, rebuilt modern homes with amenities befitting the neighborhood (read: we went out on a limb financially) and sold them after the market went nuts. The profits rest comfortably here on the West Coast of Southern Florida in, you got it, REAL ESTATE! It's the only appreciating, leverageable, equity-building investment you can own where you can actually hang your golf cap!

I hope you enjoyed my little story and feel that you know me a bit. Thanks for visiting with me!    

       Please Let Me Know How I May Help You...

Buying a home? I look forward to helping you select the home of your dreams by taking time to listen to your needs and desires. I will guide you through all of the sometimes bewildering steps of buying real estate in Florida. My task is to take away the stress and actually introduce an aspect of fun into the transaction. 

Selling a home? My real estate expertise and many effective marketing programs will give you the exposure and edge you need to sell your home quickly for top dollar. I put my money where it will serve you best and yield the most exposure for your home resulting in the realization of your goals. 

Returning Client? I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you and hope you take advantage of the valuable resources I provide. I will always work hard to earn your respect and your business. Come back to visit often!

I consider this community an excellent place to reside and would love to share with you my enthusiasm for the many neighborhoods that encompass it. I pride myself on providing unparalleled service and look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how I can best assist you with your real estate needs.


Gary Dromsky

Gary Dromsky
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